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Truth or Consequences, Again

May 19, 2018

More than eight years ago, as we announced in this space, we wrote a paper for the ‘Scholars Forum’ section of the once very active Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza website, ‘Truth or Consequences: A Cautionary Tale of Tolkien Studies’, concerned with the use (or abuse) of evidence in writing about Tolkien. While the Plaza is down for reconstruction, following a serious hack, we’ve posted our paper on our own website so that it will be available. In doing so, we have not checked for broken links, though we know there are some, certainly those to other posts on the Plaza.

Despite the passage of eight years – has it really been that long? – we think that ‘Truth or Consequences’ holds up pretty well.

  1. godfreyofboulogne permalink
    May 22, 2018 2:38 pm

    Dear W & C:

    I can add perhaps a tidbit on sources and reliability, at least in connection to knce instance you discuss. When the Rev. Mr. Waddington-Feather’s story about the demonic Uhlans came out, I asked CRT about it. He responded first that this was the first he had ever heard if it, but then went on to say that his brother Michael found it amusing to pull people’s legs, to spin fantastical yarns with a straight face. This might be kept in mind when assessing stories attributed to Michael.

    (Perhaps this might explain Ready’s Zanzibar story?)

  2. Mick Henry permalink
    June 15, 2018 6:10 am

    I have recently found out where Tolkien lived in Hove in 1904. So I wondered if this was new information and also, in my attempt to expedite a Blue Plaque, how long he lived there?

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