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Snow on the Holly

January 30, 2012

Here in Williamstown we’ve had a relatively mild winter so far. Fingers crossed that saying so doesn’t jinx us; time enough remains for some terrible nor’easters to drop small mountains of ice and snow, even after the equinox. Unlike last year, we had a proper January thaw, not that there was very much to melt, between two light snowfalls. After the first of them, Wayne took this photo of one of the holly bushes outside our front window, having noticed a nice contrast of white, green, and red. We haven’t seen any deer in our garden this year so far (the wire grid in the photo is part of our anti-deer fencing): it may be that the milder weather has left enough food for them in the nearby forests that they don’t have to venture among houses and cross busy streets.

Squirrels, however, are around us in abundance, playing follow-the-leader, and we’ve seen a lone chipmunk sheltering under a board we place over our cellar hatch as a protection from falling ice. We watched one determined squirrel the other day struggling to bury something or other in the frozen earth just beyond our holly bushes – but succeeding!

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