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The Tolkien Collector 32

January 3, 2012

The latest issue of our occasional magazine, The Tolkien Collector, went out to subscribers just before New Year’s. Those whose subscriptions end with no. 32 will find enclosed a notice to that effect. In addition to the usual sections on new books by and about Tolkien, new translations of Tolkien’s works, and miscellaneous items, Tolkien Collector 32 includes a feature article by David Bratman, ‘A Tolkien Classification System’, describing how David organizes his Tolkien collection. (How do you organize yours?)

As usual, we’ve issued The Tolkien Collector more ‘occasionally’ than we’d like, and will try to make it more than an annual publication in 2012.

Happy Tolkien’s birthday!

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  1. Merlin DeTardo permalink
    January 4, 2012 1:22 am

    My copy arrived today. All those translations! And if ever I have a collection large enough to need serious classification, David’s system looks to be very useful, but as yet all my books (and periodicals) by or about Tolkien come to only about 300 inches of shelf space: less than two bookcases, all visible at a glance.

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